Convenience,as you can see
More Perspective, More Complete Experience
Dual-Lens, Independent Battery Base Design
Using a unique dual-lens design, ELF eyes is easy to disassemble and can be installed on a separate base for use at any location, so that you no longer miss any brilliant moments.
Care for Your Home Anytime, Anywhere
Security Monitoring, Dynamic Detection
Elf Eye built-in batteries and SD cards that can be recorded and viewed through robelf or action devices. Elf Eye also have dynamic detection function, found abnormal conditions, can send real-time notification.
Master the Scene, Real-Time Call
Audio & Video Call
The Elf Eye built-in microphone and speakers, capable of dialogue through robelf or proprietary applications. If there is an emergency situation, it can directly to the monitoring site to convey instructions.
Crowdfunding campaign launched

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